Toyon´s profile                                                                                        



name: Atoyon met Strepen


given name: Toyon


sex: male


born: 23.04.2010 in Warbeyen


breed: Dutch shepherd shorthair


breed registry no.: VDH/HSCD 10/171/0073


height: 62 cm(01.05.2013)


weight: 31 kg (01.05.2013)


colour: golden stripes


brindle-test result: genotyp kbr/kbr homozygous


HD A1 (frei), ED:0/0 (frei)

DM: N/N, LSÜ: 0



training: IPO ( Abt. A, B, C) and parts Mondioring



qualification: BH Okt 2012


Characteristics: Toyon is a very balanced and social dog. He is very clear in his mind and has good nerves. At home he likes to be cuddly.

At work, he shows up with a lot of joy, intelligence and is as well demanding. He is showing excellent skills especially in the tracking sector.

He appears to people open and friendly. . Towards other dogs he show very good social . It’s simply a typical Dutch Shepard Dog.